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Happy Day 21!
Today is the Best Book Hangover!

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Today is kind of a good day. I have had a few Book Hangovers this year.

Starting my best book hangovers with:

Emma and Julian and all the Blackthorns are amazing and you will be rooting for them the whole book and wanting to find out about the others! I loved reading this and can see why Cassandra Clare has such a huge following. She drags you in and makes you love her characters. This book is so well written that you might just want to cry from it.

This story is potent. It will get you feeling all the feels for this kid. Hurt, angry, mystery, adventure, heartbreak and just so much more. This book is so well written it breaks my heart. Read this, it's so worth it.

This book is heartbreak, in a book. Sadie has had a miserable life and all she tried to do is make it better for her sister and that goes to s**t. She is a young girl on the path of revenge even if it means her life. This book IS amazing! I really, really (lots of really's) love that it was written in podcast-style plus the publisher put up a podcast of it called "The Girls". Read this it's just that amazing!

Her touch is amazing and they play her like a fiddle but this book is amazingly written and love the scribbles she does on her paper throughout the book. She comes from thinking she is so horrible, to finding out she isn't alone in this world. Read this one too!

I don't think I have gushed over this one enough. I find that since it was an audiobook it made the book better. I loved the narrator and her voices. It was perfect for this book. PERFECT. I find that Elizabeth is amazing and loved her from the start. She had to do what she had to do to survive. Love the ending as well. I wish this was going to be a series cause it was just that awesome!

And last but not least (these are not in any order):

This one is an awesome fantasy/sci-fi book. This one is wrapped up in video games and real life and how they intertwine or sometimes they don't. I really enjoyed this book and loved how it all came together at the end. Epic adventure wrapped in the 80's theme of movies, arcade games, and music. I loved it!

So there you have it, my best book hangovers of 2018!

What are some of yours?


  1. What the light reveals.. also I must read that ..ready player one !!

  2. Sadie left me needing to hug my kid. It was tough.

  3. Ready Player One was a fun book, I hope to listen to it on audio one day!

  4. Fun seeing your best books. I definitely felt this way after the last Kate Daniels' book and the last Charley Davidson book. Hopefully we'll have lots of books worth a book hangover in 2019. :)

  5. I don't get this book hangover thing! I read it, I like or don't like it, I move to the next book! I don't tend to sit and think and analyse and so on! Too many other books to get to!

  6. Mary I so love your choices!!! Shatter me, Lady Midnight, Sadie... all were fantastic! And I need to read Beneath a Scarlet Sky!


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