Saturday, December 15, 2018

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Day 15!! 
I can't believe it is halfway through already!
I hope you have been enjoying Blogmas!

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Day 15 is about Best Romance Authors and I do have a few of those, that I have found their writing lovely and engaging. 

I have found two "new to me authors" this year and I have really enjoyed them both. 

My most favorite Romance Authors this year are:

Amy Andrews! 
Her books are steamy, entertaining, and have great writing.
Who could ask for more?
Me and that is why I am so glad I found my second writer.

 I am in love with Tara Leigh!
Her books are well written, pull at your heartstrings, and are sexy as hell.

There you have it, my favorite Romance Authors for #Blogmas 2018!

What are some of your favorites?


  1. Great, busy busy month.. lots of favorites to choose from

  2. You made me add one of the Rock books to my TBR. I have to check out Leigh with all the praise you are giving this series.

  3. I don't read romance so I'm afraid I don't have any to share with you! I'm lucky to have discovered a lot of new authors across several genres this year!


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