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5 Stars - Loved it! I could read this over again and still love it. It is a book that I couldn't put down nor wanted to. I was sad to see this end. The author did everything right.

4 Stars - Really Good! This book was good and the characters were interesting. The author set the tone and was descriptive with aspects of the book. Worth reading. 

3 Stars - I liked it! The book had its flaws but still a decent book. The author could have either used help with its character development or with the descriptiveness in the book. 

2 Stars - It is ok. The book is not very good. The plot is bad / character development is off and there is not much to look forward to in the book. 

1 Star - This is a DNF. Bad writing, bad characters, and bad plot. Don't even look at this book again. Donate it to goodwill or the library.


I love books as you know. 

I am happy to review a book as long as it is one that I would enjoy reading like YA, Thrillers, Horror, etc. 

If I don't like the book, premise or plot, I will let you know. Currently, I am NOT accepting eBooks. As my kindle has taken it's last reading adventure and I have not gotten a new one. 

I give print books preference over ebooks always. I also take book photos and post them to Instagram. I am happy to do that for your book but it must be in print format. 

If you would like to give away a book either on Instagram or on my blog we can work that out also. 

All opinions will be my own - at all times. You sending me your books means I can promote it any way I like. I can use the image on my social media platforms at any time I choose. 

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