Friday, December 7, 2018

❄Day 7 - #Blogmas!! Best #Contemporary #BestBooksof2018!! #bookworms #contemporaryreaders #booklovers❄

Hello and Welcome to day 7 of #Blogmas! 

A whole week of tasty treats for you @ the #BestBooksof2018!!

I am totally enjoying this feature and have a few posts ahead of schedule - I didn't know I was capable of doing that...HAHAHA

Anywho, today spotlights best contemporary book! 

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I loved this rocker romance and #Contemporary that it was, made my A list for #BestofBooks2018!!

Adam can sing to me anytime he wants...

This book made my heart melt for this bad boy singer.
Shane was just having a hell of a time getting over something that he did in his past. Delaney was sweet and sassy in all the right places. They had some magic together and it was worth it to see this all unwrap (that's a pun). 

This book worked and has made me a Tara Leigh fan for life. 

I am on the third in this 4 book series, and it has been worth it to read all of them! 

My Pick Goes TO:


Check out my review - HERE!

So, that's my pick for best contemporary!

What is your pick for best contemporary?


  1. Some ya contemporary. I have a few but haven't picked up on them this year.. been busy. I like many suggestions on here

  2. I had like 50 books on my short list for this topic. I read too many contemporary books. This one looks like something I would enjoy. I don't read a lot of rockstar romances, but I love romance, and a great hero will always do it for me.

  3. Contemporary is my #1 genre so this was the toughest prompt yet for me. I only managed to narrow it down to six picks. Ha! But The Simple Wild by K.A. Tucker was near the top of the list.

  4. Sorry, no suggestions for you as I don't read this genre!

  5. I am so happy that you loved this one! And see, participating had you discover that you can schedule several posts ahead LOL


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