Wednesday, December 12, 2018

❄Day 12 - #Blogmas!! #BestSurprise/Discovery #Book of 2018!! #BestBooksof2018!! #booklovers #bookworms❄

Happy Day 12 of #Blogmas!!

Wow, almost 2 weeks already. I have been having fun spotlighting all these amazing books of this year. There have been so many.

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This book was a surprise for me. I kept seeing people talk and talk and talk about it.

I didn't really pay much mind. Then one day or maybe it was over a few days really. I was on Goodreads and this one blogger kept talking about it and gushing and crying and yelling and it made me feel like I wanted to do the same!

It really made me want to read it right then and there! Like faster than NOW! So, I grabbed the audiobook (I usually have a credit or two in hiding). I was a bit intimidated by it, just the fact of it being, I think, a 16-hour audiobook. But, I dove in and enjoyed this book more than I can say!

This was a complete surprise and discovery book for me as I had never read anything by the author before.

I enjoyed it tremendously!

My Biggest Surprise book this year was:

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That's my surprise book for this year!

What is your best discovery/surprise book?


  1. After the three Infernals Devices books and the six Mortal Instruments books I decided I was good with the Shadowhunters and wasn’t going to continue on with the The Dark Artifices series. Time to move on. But then I saw all the raves for Lady Midnight... and then Lord of Shadows. And now QoAaD. Gah! I am totally rethinking that decision. As if I actually need to add to my TBR and have another series in work. But the FOMO is real! :)

  2. What the light reveals was a nice find this year.

  3. I am a Shadowhunter fan. I will always read books set in that world.

  4. Ready Player One surprised me as I didn't think I'd like it. I was pleased that I did!

  5. YESSSSSSSSSSS! The Dark Artifices is my favorite series by Cassandra Clare!


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