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Day 16 is all about Best Fiction Authors!!

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There are so many I want to spotlight so I will limit myself to just a few...

First up in my picks are:

Teens in a weird way?

Sadie is all about the love of family and the act of revenge and was just amazing.

9 is all about Alternative teen realities in a weird way but it sooo worked for this book!

Did someone say Ghosts?

The Graveyard Girl & The Boneyard Boy is a great read and its theme is a ghost girl.

The Dead House was how a house can change a person and it was fantastic!

Maybe a Caraval or two?

I found that Caraval was very interesting to read and have the second one lined up to read! Where nothing is as it seems.

 These are some of my best fiction reads of 2018!!

What are some of your favorites?


  1. I haven't read Sadie, but every review I've read has raved about it!

  2. I am a Caraval fan. I thought the book was very whimsical and magical and am excited to read the conclusion next year.

  3. These all sound like good reads.. I want to pick up and never stop reading them

  4. I decided to skip this category as I've already picked out the best in every genre I read! It was a good year for finding some good authors I must say!


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