Sunday, November 11, 2018

#Sunday #Roundup of #Books #Week #44!!

Welcome to the #SundayRoundup #44!!
Happy Sunday!

On the homefront:
This week has been so busy that I just couldn't keep up with it. Tired would be an understatement.

Monday - School
Tuesday - Therapists & had my hair done.
Wednesday - School
Thursday - School (had to leave early) and Impractical Jokers Live (check out the pictures)
Friday - Mansfield University Open House (Over a 3-hour drive)
Saturday - A 50th Anniversary Party
Sunday - Off.... FINALLY!!! 

Impractical Jokers!!

 Mansfield University!!

I didn't think to take pictures till we were leaving - what can I do? 

Things I know:
You can't control everything, so don't even try. 

School Front:
Going really good, 100 on my Lab test, 92 on my Nutrition test (after him not showing up 2 times), I have a meeting with the dean about it on Wednesday - soonest I could get an appointment with him. I want to know why and what is going to be done about it. As we have lost at least 3/4 chapters from it. etc. I will let you know how it goes. 

This Monday - Veteran's Day!

I forgot to post something last Monday. I am hoping to get the time today to post for tomorrow. I did start working on my review of Sadie and The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein. Both of these books were amazing. I had the audiobook of TDDofEF and omg, the narrator - PERFECT for it. 

Previous Monday Posts 

Around the Blogosphere:
Some posts I read this week that I thought were cool:

I am sorry, so busy this week. But, I am going to spend some of today and tomorrow working on checking out everyone's blogs as I didn't get a chance to even do that for the CWW post yet. 

 As you know - Each week I take part in 
Stacking My Shelves by Tynga's Reviews &
The Sunday Post by Caffeinated Reviewer!



I got this wonderful surprise from Sophie @ BewareoftheReader!! Thank you, Sophie!!

Books/Audiobooks I'm Reading:

Audiobooks/Books I finished:

Sadie and The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein are two of my favorites of this year!!!


I am giving away a copy of A Kingdom of Exiles on Instagram if you are interested!!

Song of the Week:

Please if you know someone who is thinking of Suicide, please get them help

How has your week been?


  1. I've been hearing such good things about Sadie.

  2. I keep seeing Sadie everywhere...I must buy it!

    Great photos. Enjoy your week, and here are MY WEEKLY UPDATES

  3. I just finished "Sea Witch" and really enjoyed it, hope you like it too

  4. No wonder you are tired!!! And 3 hours drive I would be outside my country already LOl I can't wait for your reviews of Sadie and Elizabeth! And you are so welcome ;-)

  5. You did a lot of fun stuff this week. I give you credit for being able to keep up with all that. I like to spread out all my "events".

  6. Sounds like a busy week.. lots going on.

  7. Wow, busy week! But it seems like fun stuff, with the show and the party!

  8. Wow that does look like a busy week! Hope you had a relaxing weekend- and hope you like Brave New Girl!

  9. Wow, you have been busy. Congrats on doing so well in school. The Sheila Roberts book looks really good. I hope you have a great week!

  10. That is a busy week!! I'd be tired too. Lol. Congrats on doing so well in school. :)

    Brave New Girl and Elizabeth Frankenstein have been on my radar!

    Have a great week! :)

  11. You were busy! And having some fun too. And congratulations on your scores!

  12. Definitely a busy week! I can relate to the being exhausted but not so much being productive. I really want to read more Sheila Roberts. She always has such pretty covers! Have a great week!

  13. Looks like a busy and fun week! Good luck with school and happy reading.

  14. You had a busy week! Love the pics of the University, the Fall colors are so pretty. I've heard good things about Sadie. The Shelia Roberts book looks like my kind of read. Pretty cover!

    Hope you get more down time this week. Happy reading! :)

  15. I also really liked Elizabeth Frankenstein! It's a great book!
    Have a lovely reading week! :)

  16. So glad school is going well! Enjoy your week!

  17. That sure sounds like a busy week. Hope this week will be a little slower for you. ;)
    Happy Reading!

  18. That’s crazy about the professor/instructor not showing up. I hope some action will be taken.
    I’m hearing nothing but raves for Sadie! I need to pick that one up soon. Hope you’re having a great week, Mary!

  19. Wow, you really had a busy week! Sounds like you did some fun things though. Hope this week is a little more relaxing for you.

  20. I get the tired. Take care of yourself. I hope you get some down time and great reads this week! I am also seeing Sadie everywhere; I even got it from the library, realized it is YA and decided not right now and returned it. Anne - Books of My Heart

  21. Sounds like a manic week, I hope this one was calmer for you? I keep hearing great things about Elizabeth Frankenstein :-)


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