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Mini-Review Day!! #Nightingale #CityofGhosts & #TheWomanInTheWindow #Reviews #books #booklovers

I thought I would do a post on some scary or creep books for the fun of it and because it is Halloween and it's just a fun time to read some horror/thriller books etc. I didn't get to read as many this month as I would have liked but that is ok, I still have the rest of the year to do so. I linked the books to Goodreads in case you wanted to add them to your TBR list! 


This sorry is about a girl in the 50's that has gotten lost in the woods at a really young age and something changes her. We don't find out the full extent of it until later in the book, but I can say that it was a pretty good book. I totally enjoyed the POV of June and for this time era, she was considered insane because of it. Which made it pretty horrific for me. I have always LOVED books with asylum type themes and this one did not disappoint for me. She tries very hard to conform to what her parents and everyone expects of her but just can't seem to do this. She has a strong will and when she gets to the asylum she has to piece things together before they kill her. She also is very blunt in her thoughts and that was a big plus for me. I loved her planning and scheming to get away from these people. It was a little weird with the boyfriend but that is understandable considering all the elements at work in this book. I would say read this one as it's a good book. 

This one was a bit disappointing to me as I thought it was more of an older YA book and came to find out it was a middle-grade book. That aside, I did like it. I would put it in a horror category as it has ghosts and can be a bit scary if the MG kid is not used to such things. As for the writing, I totally enjoyed it and it was very fast reading for me, another thing I really enjoyed. Cassidy is a young girl that doesn't have many friends but she has a best friend and he is dead. Cassidy is able to pull the curtain on the veil between the dead and the living. Her parents are ghost hunters and find themselves with a new show that takes them to Scotland and then the fun begins for Cassidy. She makes a friend that is able to pull the veil like her. This is the first time she has found someone that is able to do this. She learns there is more to the veil than taking pictures. I loved how this story flowed and I can see this being a series as the parent's show takes off and Cassidy is able to visit other cities and get those ghosts. Overall, a very enjoyable book. It's not scary and the writing has a great flow. 

The Woman in the Window:

This one had me going almost the whole time. I totally enjoyed this thriller and it was very creepy. Very. I really enjoyed the ending and that is a new thing for me usually, the ending is not that great but I did like this one. This one was an audiobook and I loved the narrator and really got into this one. This one goes through a woman that has agoraphobia and is unable to leave her home after an accident. Some people move in across the park from her and she watches them through the window. But then she sees something she shouldn't and no one believes her. This one is not super fast paced and I kind of liked that about it. But, it wasn't slow either. It was a great setting and I loved how all of this played out. 
This is a must read for a thriller lover. 

I said mini-reviews? Well, maybe just reviews would have been better. I hope you enjoyed them and I added some new reads to your TBR list! 

Have you read anything scary or creepy for Halloween?


  1. I like those asylum ones, too. And, yes to the thrillers that freak me out worse than actual horror. I mostly read light-weight stuff like paranormal romantic suspense and paranormal cozies. I wanted to read some gothic, but didn't get around for a library run yet so that will have to wait.

  2. My sister really liked The Woman in the Window; she's surprised I haven't read it yet!

  3. I'm too sore and tired again today to read but SCIFI month is starting in November and I'm getting my books ready so I HOPE to be reading soon!

  4. Mary you've been a reading bee!!!! The one with City of Ghosts is really tempting me ;-)

  5. All of these look like books I could slip into.

  6. i like it when the audio book reading fits to the book. thanks for the review

  7. These sound like some scary books. As much as I don't read those types of books, I would read a few of these in the daytime only!

  8. What a great set of reads! Thanks for sharing with us!

  9. I don't read creepy/scary book because I'm a wimp. LOL Our daughter likes to read them though.

  10. I absolutely think Nightingale is the book for me. It sounds scary and unique.


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