Monday, September 24, 2018

#Blogger #Problem #1 - Followers -- #BloggingTips #BloggingTricks #BloggerHelp

I thought I would do a monthly post about bringing a blogging problem to light. Or at least talking about it. Maybe we should call this segment - Blogger Pet Peeves - that might work better.
For this month's BLOGGER PET PEEVE or Blogger Problem #1 - I have decided to talk about - FOLLOWERS.

You want me to follow you? (Shake your head - you know it's true.)

Maybe, I want to follow you because I think you are cool. (You are!)

Or you blog about books that I want to read. (I love books.)

Maybe your posts have mystical powers on me. (Good content is hard to find.)

Well, how do you make this easy for me - Joe Schmo - the reader - ME?

Some of you don't - don't look behind you - I am talking to YOU!

I have come across blogs that just don't make this easy for me. WHY?
Please tell me why you wouldn't make this as easy as possible for me  - the reader?

I have come to some blogs that make you give them your email to look at their post...Ummm no - I don't know you - why would I give you my email? WHY??? Why do you do this to me??? (Cries)

Please make it easy for me - don't ask me to tell you what books I am reading in order to be your Goodreads friend. Especially when you are asking for followers. You can just connect with me and you will see what I am reading. (I am usually pretty verbal on Goodreads too.)

Don't make me give you my email (I won't) to look at your blog post.
Please don't have me log in to something to leave a comment. (I do, but a lot of people, will not.)

Don't make me TRY and find where you have hidden your twitter account, facebook page etc (Most seem to hide this on the contact page.)


It makes it easy for me (And others) to connect with you - isn't that what you want? Isn't it?

Please check your blog - make it easy - MAKE. IT. EASY. PLEASE!!!

Well, that's my first post of Blogger Problem - Followers! Tell me if you have had a problem like this? I would love to know. Or if you can think of a Blogger Problem that I can post about leave it in the comments and I will make a it part of the series!!


  1. I really hate when I can't find an easy way to follow a blog, especially through Bloglovin'. It makes me way less likely to follow a blog. I really like blogs have an easy commenting system, too.

  2. Nice post. I agree; having a way to follow is important, but what makes it work is making it easy (main page) to find and connect to the blog.

    Something I've had issues with that is a pet peeve is a blog that is not easy to comment on, but that's another topic.

  3. I have started using Feedly to follow blogs. I haven't unsubscribed if I follow in other ways, but I added all the blogs I like to read to Feedly. I found that some are not RSS enabled, which was sort of frustrating, because it's great having all my posts in one place, regardless of if it's a blogger blog or a Wordpress blog or a self hosted blog.

  4. My pet hate is being asked to join things like DISQUS or sign in using a social media account just to leave a comment. It drives me mad! I won't follow these accounts and I warn about that on my meme posts. There are a few good ones I'd follow but because they use DISQUS I don't see the point if I can't comment. If I'm commenting on a Wordpress account I have to sign in with a fake address as it won't let me use my own email. You see I tried setting up a Wordpress account a few years back but decided to delete it and since then, they seem to have laid claim to that email of mine and won't let me use it on their blogs!

  5. Good post . Having a way to follow is important, but it should be easy

  6. Yes! I hate blogs where I have to log into something (other than disquis - I don't seem to have a problem with that) to comment because usually to log into something I have to log out of something and it just becomes a big hassle. I want to comment but if it's difficult I'm out. I do ty to keep my how to follow mes pretty clear and it is on my sidebar though I'm a bit lazy and do need to check and make sure all the links are still good!

  7. Making things easier to find, easy to comment is the first step of a sucessful blog imho

  8. Yeah, I'm lazy so I need it front and center or I may forget to visit! If I have to dig to find a twitter or a bloglovin' link, I may just click away.

  9. I very much appreciate this article. It gets tiresome to jump through so many hoops. I especially dislike scavenger hunts. They aren't fun...I am busy too. If you want me to support you (the author, the blogger, etc.) then please respect my time. Make giveaways easy to enter by keeping the entry lists short. Don't make me copy & paste links...insert live links instead, even to where you want comments left. Working together benefits everyone.


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