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Mary Queen of the Scots: The Forgotten Reign
The Legendary Women of World History Book 3
Laurel A. Rockefeller

Historical Fiction

Queen Mary Stuart was one of the most beloved and controversial women in
Scottish history. The granddaughter of King James IV and his wife
Margaret Tudor, Queen Mary's status as heiress-apparent to Queen
Elizabeth's throne in England paired with the violence of the
Scottish Reformation set the stage for one of the most dramatic and
poorly understood lives of the 16th century.

Mary Queen of the Scots tells Mary's true story, focusing primarily on her
reign as queen of Scotland, celebrating her life more than her death
and showing us all why she was truly a woman ahead of her time.

Features a detailed timeline, a list of Latin prayers with their English
translations, and the lyrics to all four featured period songs
performed in the book.

**Available in 6 languages!**

“Alas my love you do me wrong to cast me off discourteously. For I have loved you oh so long delighting in your company. Greensleeves was all my joy and oh Greensleeves as my delight. Greensleeves my heart of gold and all for lady Greensleeves,” sang Queen Mary as she snuggled Prince James tenderly. Smiling James cooed at his mother, bringing a smile to her face as she rocked him back and forth in her arms. “You are such a proper prince, you know that! Yes, you are! And someday you are going to be king of Scotland and king of England too! Mummy promises because mummy knows you are a very good boy and will be a very good king!

“You know what James? I have a secret to tell you! Did you know I became queen when I was even younger than you! I lost my father when I was baby too! But your grandfather King James, he was a good king who died fighting the English. He was much nicer than your father who was very mean. You wouldn’t like him. You are a good boy and will stay good forever, right?” James yawned. Sadly, Queen Mary put him back in his cradle to let him rest.

As she left the nursery James Hepburn intercepted her, “Time to go.”

“Go? Go where?”

“Holyrood Abbey.”

“Why would I go there, least of all with you?”

“To marry me, of course!”

“What makes you think I want to marry you?”

James held out a letter signed by several nobles, “Because your nobles command it.”


“I am your chosen consort. You will proceed with me to Holyrood to be married,” commanded Bothwell.

“And if I do not?”

“Do you think Prince James can defend himself against an armed attack, even here? As a mother, do you want to risk it?”

“So, this is how it is to be then? I submit to you in exchange for leaving my son alone?”

“Do you really want to risk losing Prince James in favour of the child you are bearing me? Yes, I know about your pregnancy; your ladies will talk given the right incentive to do so,” hinted Bothwell darkly.

Furious Mary stood still, weighing her choices carefully. What would happen to Scotland if Prince James was murdered? Would Scotland itself survive or would it be conquered by England at last? Loving her country and loving her son, even more, Queen Mary felt her hand in this forced, “I will obey.”

Born, raised, and educated in Lincoln, Nebraska USA Laurel A. Rockefeller
is author of over twenty-five books published and self-published
since August, 2012 with editions spanning across ten languages and
counting. A dedicated scholar and biographical historian, Ms.
Rockefeller is passionate about education and improving history
literacy worldwide.

With her lyrical writing style, Laurel's
books are as beautiful to read as they are informative.

In her spare time, Laurel enjoys spending time with her cockatiels,
traveling to historic places, and watching classic motion pictures
and classic television series. Favorites: 
Star TrekDoctor Who, and Babylon 5.

Laurel proudly supports Health in HarmonyThe Arbor Day Foundation,
and other charities working to protect and replant forests globally.

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