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Title: Once Quite
Author: Scott Blade
Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Suspense
Length: 412 pages
Series: Jack Widow Book 5

Book Description:

A secluded Montana ranch...
A family under siege...
A seductive wife...
And Jack Widow.

Once Quiet is a taut action thriller where Widow must fight against his insatiable feelings for a married woman in order to stop a sinister enemy that lurks in the shadows. 

Lately, Widow has enjoyed a quiet life on the road with no troubles, but a lifestyle like his costs money. A low bank account balance causes the Widow to take temporary work on a dying, secluded cattle ranch in northern Montana. 

Widow works for the Sossaman family, taking orders from a hauntingly beautiful wife named Crispin. Quickly, Widow grows attached to Crispin Sossaman and her two sons. But his attachment to her may be more than attraction. 

Two strange things are going on around the ranch. The first is that the husband has been in a mysterious coma for ten years. He's wired to hospital machines, feeding tubes, and a breathing apparatus to keep him alive. 

The second thing is that someone is watching the ranch. Someone with sinister intentions. Someone with a dangerous agenda. 

Once Quiet is the fifth thriller in the Jack Widow series 

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