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Title: Forest of Lost Secrets 
Author: Emmett and Clarice Swan
Genre: YA, Paranormal, Fantasy
Length: 346 pages

Book Description:

They say there is magic in the woods. You don’t believe it? Just ask the trees.
"I was blown away by the emotional journey I was taken on in both the real world and the realms beyond." - Reedsy Discovery.

Jessica must confront the supernatural forces that haunt an enchanted forest deep in the Irish backcountry. Her one hope is to learn to use magical elixirs. The green one makes you invisible. The blue
one changes your form. But the red elixir is the most valuable of all. It takes centuries to make, yet one drop transports you to other realms.
Jessica never knew of such magical elixirs. At least not until her parents sent her to Ireland to spend the summer. Having lost her boyfriend in a tragic accident, she was unable to shake the suspicion it was her fault. She didn’t think a new country would change anything.
But as she and her younger brother explore the lands around their Aunt and Uncle’s manor house, they discover a beautiful forest which seems the perfect escape. Filled with old, gnarly trees and carpeted with lush moss, the forest slowly reveals its secrets. Then, one moonlit night, Jessica hears a quiet, troubled voice among the sound of wind whispering through the branches. Three brothers, from a noble estate two hundred years past, have been cursed and need her help.
Jessica finds herself in a race to save the lives of the handsome brothers while preventing a war between two realms she never knew existed. Her only hope is to use the red elixir to travel to the land of Derfaria and confront the evil Keeva. But unless she can put her personal loss behind her and open her heart to a new love, she doesn’t stand a chance.

Forest of Lost Secrets is a modern day adventure full of supernatural beings. If you have ever believed that a forest in the moonlight is magical, then this story is for you. 

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