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THE SUMMER RETREAT by Sheila Roberts, Women's Fiction/Romance, 384 pp., $6.47 (paperback) $6.99 (Kindle)


Author: Sheila Roberts

Publisher: Harlequin/MIRA

Pages: 384

Genre: Women’s Fiction/Romance

Celeste Jones has plans for a perfect summer with her boyfriend (and
hopefully soon-to-be fiancĂ©)—until he dumps her to be with the woman
he’s had on the side for months. Heartbroken and furious, Celeste
resolves to move on. When the going gets tough, the tough…okay, the
not-so-tough go to the beach.

As soon as school lets out for the summer, she waves goodbye to her
first-graders, packs up her bikini and heads for Moonlight Harbor, where
she knows her big sister, Jenna, will receive her with open arms. Jenna
could probably use some help at the Driftwood Inn, and Celeste is happy
to do chores around the place in exchange for a relaxing summer escape.
She just needs something—or someone—to distract her from her troubles.

Finding The One can be tricky, and Jenna is determined to make sure
Celeste gets it right this time around. Not that Jenna’s an expert.
She’s still trying to sort out her own love life. But if both sisters
listen to their hearts, eventually they’re bound to discover that
life—and love—is good at the beach.



Celeste Jones had kissed so many frogs looking for her
prince, she should have turned green and grown warts on her lips. But she’d
finally gotten it right in the man department. Emerson Willis was strong and
smart. And sexy. Masculine and excitingly alpha. And a spectacular dancer. And
sexy. And a cop. Did it get any sexier than that? They’d been together a year,
and what a great year it had been. He’d spent so much time at her place, he
might as well have moved in, but he felt it wouldn’t look good, with her being
a teacher and all. As if first-graders knew anything about the birds and the
bees or cared what their teacher did in her off hours. As if anyone cared what
anyone did with anyone else these days. It had been sweet of him to think of
that, though, and she loved him all the more for it.

Still, why not make what they had official since it was so great?
“We’re having a good time,” he was always saying. “Relax and enjoy the ride.”

She could do that.
Spring had come, and she was looking ahead to a summer of off-roading, trips to
Eastern Washington to visit the wineries, hitting the The
Summer Retreat, Sheila Roberts


First off, let me just say a HUGE Thank you to Sheila, her publisher, and everyone else that works for or with Sheila.

As a blogger, a lot of us are part of the blog tour and/or review tour community. This is where my story begins, I was first introduced to Sheila's writing by Pump Up Your Book Tours last year. I have worked with them on two of Sheila's previous books in her Moonlight Harbor series. That is where I fell in love with Sheila's writing. So when this new tour came around, I was eager to be a part of it. I knew the book and the writing would once again take me away to Moonlight Harbor and I have to tell you, I wanted to go. It's a lovely place to visit. I, of course, jumped at the chance to promote her new book and read this amazing new story! When I got there, the tour was ebook only. What a disappointment for me. This was a bit disappointing because my kindle is broken and I just can't stare at a computer screen long enough to read the book. I was left a bit heartbroken. I was still going to promote the book either way because I KNEW that it would be great. I put myself in to promote the book on a day they needed and wrote in the comments (didn't really think anyone read them) that if they happen to have print copies available, I would love to read it. A few weeks later this happened:

This was one of the best surprises yet! So, thank you to Mira books, Shelia, April and everyone else for bringing me the next amazing book in this series!


The Summer Retreat is book 3 in the Moonlight Harbor series by Sheila Roberts and I loved the change in focus. In this book, we are not just focused on Jenna but have a new heroine of the story to focus on, her sister Celeste. I totally enjoyed the change. After striking out yet again Celeste gives up on love and decides to spend the summer with her sister Jenna in Moonlight Harbor. This book was fun, Celeste is snarky and full of fun. What I like most was that we still got all of our secondary characters too. Aunt Edie was still there and Brody and even Susan, so we didn't miss anyone. Now, add a dog to the mix! I liked finding out where the author would take Celeste and I am glad I had the opportunity to read this. 

This was once again a great addition to the next in the series and I had fun reading it. I love Sheila's writing and can't wait for the next book. It was a light and fun beach read. Just perfect for the nice spring weather we have been having. I would recommend this to anyone that likes contemporary.

I give the book 4.5 of 5 stars!!

Best-selling author Sheila Roberts has seen her books published in a
dozen different languages and made into movies for both the Hallmark and
Lifetime channels. She’s happily married with three children and lives
in the Pacific Northwest. When she’s not hanging out with girlfriends,
speaking to women’s groups or going dancing with her husband she can be
found writing about those things near and dear to women’s hearts:
family, friends, and chocolate.

Her latest book is the women’s fiction/romance, THE SUMMER RETREAT.

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