Friday, April 12, 2019

#Fantasy #Friday - The Messenger by Pamela DuMond!! #Free on #Amazon!! #kindle #historical #books #YA #booklovers #FreebieFriday #freebie

Title: The Messenger
Author: Pamela DuMond
Genre: YA, Fantasy, Historical
Length: 272 pages
Series: Mortal Beloved Book 1

Book Description:

A boy from the past. A girl from the future. Their love could be forever, but their time is running out... 

Madeline falls in love with Samuel when she accidentally time travels hundreds of years into the past to a war between the colonists and Native Americans. Their relationship is forbidden.

But Madeline's travels to the past not only to fall in love, but also to claim her birth right as a
Messenger, a soul who can slip through time's fabric, delivering messages that change one life, or save many. Deadly Hunters, dark-souled time travelers, crave her powers and seek to seduce or kill her. Can Madeline find her way back to the future in time to save herself and Samuel? 

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  1. Sounds like a good first book if you into historicals

  2. I love time travel - this sounds like a good read! :)


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