Monday, January 7, 2019

#Mystery #Monday - Dancing with the Dead by Nancy McGovern!! #Free on #Amazon!! #kindle #books #cozy #booklovers #freebie

Title: Dancing with the Dead
Author: Nancy McGovern
Genre: Mystery, Cozy, Suspense
Length: 160 pages
Series: Return to Milburn Book 2

Book Description:

This is Book 2 in Nora Newberry's NEW SERIES, "Return To Milburn"! Be sure to check out the first book, Berry The Dead, as well as Nora's original series, "A Murder In Milburn"! They are all right here on Amazon and you can read them for FREE with Kindle Unlimited! Or for just 99 cents each!

About Dancing With The Dead:

When Nora's daughter, Grace, and her boyfriend suddenly decide to get married, Nora can't help but feel torn. On one hand, she is thrilled that her daughter is in love and wants her to be happy. But the groom's family is more than a little bit crazy, especially his domineering & intrusive mother. Nora doesn't even want to imagine that woman as her precious daughter's mother-in-law!

But she may not be around to interfere for long. After all, she's the main suspect in a murder case and things don't look good for her...

Did Nora's new in-law-to-be do it? Or is she as innocent as she claims? And, if she is, can Nora set aside her personal feelings and help find the real murderer?

Find out in Dancing With The Dead! 

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Happy Reading!


  1. Nice festive book to end the holiday season

  2. Looks like a good one for the lovin' know, Valentine's Day.
    sherry @ fundinmental

  3. Looking forward to this book, such a lovely cover to this. and a great way to start out my 2019 book adventure.


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