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Title: That Night
Author: Amy Giles
Genre: YA, Contemporary
Publisher: HarperTeen
Publication Date: October 23, 2018


One night in March, a terrible tragedy shakes the Queens neighborhood where Jessica Nolan and Lucas Rossi live.

The year since the shooting has played out differently for Jess and Lucas, both of whom were affected by that night in eerily similar, and deeply personal, ways. Lucas has taken up boxing and lives under the ever-watchful eye of his overprotective parents, while trying to put good into the world through random acts of kindness — to pay back a debt he feels he owes the universe for taking the wrong brother.

Jess struggles to take care of her depressed mother, with the help of her elderly next-door neighbor, and tries to make ends meet. Without her best friend, who’s across the country at a special post-trauma boarding school, and her brother, who died that night, Jess feels totally alone in the world.

When Jess and Lucas's paths cross at their shared after-school job, they start to become friends… and then more.

Their community — and their families — were irrevocably changed by a senseless act of violence. But as Jess and Lucas fall in love, they'll learn to help each other heal and move forward — together.

That Night is an emotional and ultimately hopeful story about tragedy, love, and learning to heal.

Why it's my Can't Wait Wednesday:
This sounds like a feels book. Like it will give me the feels if I read it. That is why I want to read it. It just speaks of loss and love and remorse. I am looking forward to getting this one. 

What is your CWW?


  1. I was going to say 'hope you enjoy it' but maybe 'enjoy' isn't quite the right word to use based on the subject matter. Hope it lives up to your expectations then!

  2. I hope this one does give you the feels. The topic though sounds serious. I'll stick around your blog to see how it goes for you. Maybe I'd give it a try as well ��

  3. Serious book, but at the same time emotional, I don't know...

  4. This definitely sounds like an emotional hard hitter. I really hope it gives you all the feels!

  5. Ooh, this sounds like quite an emotion read. Thanks for sharing! :)

  6. This sounds VERY intense! Not sure I could handle it, to be honest..... I cry VERY easily. I do hope you enjoy it, though!! :)

    Thanks for visiting and commenting on my own CWW post!! Have a GREAT day!! <3 :)

  7. This sounds pretty intense. Hope you enjoy it!

  8. I like a book that hits hard.. also great to have uplifting themes.. the feels for daysss

  9. Definitely sounds like all the feels!

  10. This does sound like a book that will play on my emotions. Sounds like one that I would love as well. Thanks for sharing it. :)

  11. I really loved this book. In fact, both Giles' books were fabulous. This one is quieter and not as heavy as her previous book. She did a great job balancing the heavy and the light while she explored survivor's guilt and the pain of trying to go on after such a major tragedy.

  12. This is TOTALLY a wreck-my-heart feels book! I hope it's as good as it sounds!

  13. I do love a book that brings out all my deep emotions. I hope you love this one!

  14. Ohh great CWW pick this book looks and sounds like a really amazing emotional read, I hope you enjoy it when you get the chance to read it. Thank you so much for stopping by my CWW pick last week.


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