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A Great Light
(The Kingdom to Come #1)
by Jennifer Ball
Young Adult Christian Fantasy
Paperback & ebook, 298 Pages
June 28th 2018 by Revelation Publishing Company

Love and war are often the same thing.

Prince Karhiad is a humble king-in-waiting. His father, King Vilsig, rules the Kingdom of Merrhius with an iron fist. While the king dreams of endless conquests, his son only wants to conquer the hearts of his subjects through love instead of fear.

Meanwhile, a dark and sinister force threatens every kingdom around. And if King Vilsig and Prince Karhiad can't put aside their differences, an ancient sinister beast and his supernatural army will lay waste to the Kingdom of Merrhius.

On the night of Prince Karhiad’s 17th birthday, he is mesmerized by a radiant light and makes a decision to learn of its origin. That choice will force him towards answers he wasn't seeking, a woman he wasn't planning to fall in love with, and a destiny that will bring him great suffering yet an even greater reward. But in this gripping tale of good vs. evil, the power of love isn't just a shield to ward off the darkness -- it's also the strongest weapon of all.


“You came out here at night?” she asked with excitement. “Did you see these lit up in the dark?” She held her jar filled with lucent flutters towards him.

“Uh, no. I didn’t see those.”

“What was the woman’s name you met last night? Maybe I know her, although I doubt I do. A Trinicitian woman wouldn’t travel out here at night. We really aren’t supposed to travel outside without a companion anyway. I think I may be the only adventurer,” she said as she got into a standing position.

“I don’t know her name. I didn’t ask. I saw this magnificently beautiful light from my balcony. The curiosity of what it could possibly be drew me out here to find it. But it...” — he looked up towards the sky where he had seen it before — “it was gone.”

“So, you came back here today to look for the two beautiful treasures you saw the night before?”

“I only said the light was beautiful. That was the only thing I came looking for today.” His answer caused her to smile at him. She then began walking towards her horse.

“Have you ever seen this light?” he asked in an attempt to get her to stop. He wanted to engage her more in conversation, as well as being genuinely curious about the light.

She turned around, “I don’t know. Maybe. Hey, you said you saw it from your balcony. You have a balcony high enough to see over your kingdom’s walls?” she asked with childlike curiosity. The idea you could gaze out over the walls while in the comfort of your own house was captivating to her.

“Well, yes.” He never put any thought into the luxury he lived in.

She took a few steps towards him, “Do you stand on your balcony every night and explore the other lands with only your eyes?”

He had to force himself to respond. Her eyes were stunning. Her voice was such an adorable sweet sound. “Um, sometimes, I guess.” He didn’t think much of this view that Faith was so in awe of. Karhiad lived this way his whole life and never put much consideration into it. He did, though, enjoy her appreciation of it.

About the Author

I am a friend of Jesus who at times fails at making this is my most important relationship. I am a wife who forgets at times this is my primary job. I am a mom who at times didn't get it right. I take lots of pictures that annoy everyone in my family except for my dog. She loves it.

I began writing short stories when I was a child. I would sit in my room for hours writing as fast as I could to keep up with my thoughts. We didn't have a typewriter and certainly no computer. Too often my writing would turn to scribble. I ended up with lots of loose paper with many short stories written on them in half scribble that made it too difficult for others to read. Thanks to technology, I went back to my childhood passion and wrote a story that I turned into a readable book.

That's me, to make a long story short.

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