Sunday, July 29, 2018

#SundayRoundup of #Books #Week #29!!

Welcome to the #SundayRoundup #29
Happy Sunday!

On the homefront:
Nothing going on here. Lots of getting ready for my time off. Hubby is back to work and all in all everything is quite. My daughter starts band camp tomorrow for the week. It will be SUPER quiet without her here, as it is an all day thing for the week. Which works out well for me because it is final week at school. 

Things I know:
People can be really strange. Don't fight it. 

School Front:
Finals week. This is it! I will tell you my final grades for this semester next week. Send up a prayer for me! =)

July's end. Means time off for me! I am excited to be able to read what I WANT. Not what I have to. All of you wonderful bloggers that I have been neglecting - be prepared for some comments from me next week! Of course I am not doing it on purpose, finals and all. 

 As you know - Each week I take part in 
Stacking My Shelves by Tynga's Reviews &
The Sunday Post by Caffeinated Reviewer!


Books I Won:
~Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!~

Cool NetGalley I Grabbed:
Thank you NETGALLEY!!

Reviews this Week:
Click the picture to read my review! =)

Books I'm (STILL) Reading:


Christina Perri - Jar of Hearts!
Please if you know someone who is thinking of Suicide, please get them help. 

How was your week in books? Any cool book purchases? 
Leave a link so I can stop over and see them.


  1. Congrats on the book win! I just adore the cover for it. I hope you have a fantastic week ahead. :)

  2. Good luck on finals! You're going to do great!

  3. Other than the people I talk to online, I generally stay away from people except the neighbours I've known for years! Good luck with your Finals!

    1. OMG, me too. Don't bother me and I won't bother you. Keep your fingers and toes crossed! =)

  4. I love Christina Perri's "Jar of Hearts" it is gorgeous, I man seriously. Sometimes it just gives me chills, thinking about it. :)

    Ooh, good luck in your finals, I definitely know how that can go. Fall semester starts up for me August 21st and I'll have to buckle down and get all serious business again. lol. And yes, people are just strange, sometimes you have to roll with it. Hee.

    You got some pretty awesome looking books there. :)

    If you get the chance stop by and check out My Sunday Post!
    Suz @ Bookish Revelations

    1. I love it too and sometimes it can make me cry to be honest. Thank you I have been studying 8 chapters for days and Math. I hope I know the answers when I see the questions. UGHHH

  5. Best of luck with your finals! I hope your daughter has fun at band camp. I was a drum major in high school and played piccolo through college; I'll always cherish the friends and memories I made in band :)

    1. Thank JJ. She started out as Flute and moved to percussion (drum major) in 7th grade. She has also found a college where she can be in marching band.

      Have a great week!

  6. Love that video and song. Good luck with finals. And happy free time.

  7. Good luck with finals! "People can be really strange. Don't fight it." That cracked me up. :)

    Run and Hide looks like a good read. And cool song too.

  8. Good luck with finals! The quiet should hopefully be good for studying. Have a good week!

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  9. Best of luck on your finals. And what a nice win!

    My Sunday Post

  10. Congrats on the book win! It looks like a good one. Enjoy your time off, and thanks for visiting my blog.

  11. Good luck with your final! I hope you enjoy the downtime and the quiet! Thank you for stopping by the blog and have a lovely week!

  12. Good luck with finals and finally some time off! I hope your daughter will have lots of fun at camp - it was one of my summer favourite things to do when I was little. Enjoy your books!


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