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#Audiobook #Review of Wanted: A Monster Billionaire #Romance by Jani Kay & Normandie Alleman!!! @NormandieA @janikaybooks #romance #humor

Title: Wanted
Author: Jani Kay & Normandie Alleman
Genre: Romance, Humor, Adult
Length: 291 pages/7 hours 31 minutes
Publisher: Jani Kay & Normandie Alleman
Publication Date: May 31, 2016
Series: Monster Billionaire Romance Book 1
Source: Author
Narrators: Jessica Almasy, Jeremy York
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Book Description:


I spent the last five years locked in a cage for a crime I didn’t commit. 
Crucified by the press and social media. Hated by all.

But now that I’m a free man, I’m determined to prove I’m not the evil mastermind everyone thinks I am.
I just need someone to believe in me.

Someone like Addison James…


Foster Cruise is sexy as hell and worth billions. But he destroyed my family.

He may have gone to prison, but he hasn’t paid nearly enough for what I’ve lost. 
He has no idea who I am, but I’m determined to prove what the law failed to—and put him back behind bars where he belongs.
I’ll offer him my body and sell my soul to that handsome-as-hell devil to make things right.

Trouble is, I’m afraid he’s already stolen my heart. 

My Opinion:

Ok so we have this badass (supposedly) that has been in prison and has done his time and is filthy rich, like sick rich. I am ok with that. He went to jail because he was an accessory to a crime. I get it, he didn't commit it and he helps those that were robbed. Great guy, bad attitude just about ... well ... everything. So, I didn't find myself liking him too much. Wasn't my kind of bad boy but others will like him, I am sure.

Then we have Addison. Ugh Addison, I totally wanted to knock some sense into this one. Who thinks she knows everything and is going to get even with Foster for ripping her family off. Great, so we have this girl who doesn't have a clue about how the world works or even Forster for all the research she has done (none) and sets a plan into motion. I think I like the Australian sidekick the most in this whole thing. She was the only one that was likeable.

It did have some funny moments in the book. There were definitely some LOL moments. Other than that, I was not impressed with this book at all. There were some hot sex scenes in it and I was ok with that. I wasn't ok with not liking both of these characters. Plot twists were mediocre at best and the story line was the same to me. I say pick up this book if you like some dirty talk and some sex scenes. That's about all I thought of it. It was ok.

I was not impressed with the narrators either. If their objective was to get me to dislike the characters then they succeeded. I couldn't from a bond with either of them. I didn't like Addison's valley girl voice and at times it literally made me cringe.   

About the Author:

USA Today Bestselling Author - Jani Kay

Jani lives in Perth, Western Australia and loves the beautiful city with its river and pristine beaches. 

Ever since Jani was a kid, she wanted to write. As a voracious reader she spent school holidays tearing through book after book (nerdy much?) while dreaming of writing novels. She finally got her shiz together four years ago and has written the Scorpio Stinger MC Series with badass bikers, a stubborn kinky cop and the feisty women her alphas love in 6 books and 2 novellas. She has also written the Firebird Trilogy as well as 3 standalone novels with a few more coming soon. 

Jani believes in Kindness, Karma, Miracles and Magic... She loves the colour red, is a fiery Aries, and has a wicked sense of humor.

Her favorite 'thing' is traveling - she's been lucky to travel the world to attend book signing events in several continents. 

Jani would love to hear from you :-)

Connect with the Author:

About the Author:

USA Today Bestselling Author - Normandie Alleman 

Normandie is a former psychologist who has always been fascinated by human behavior. She loves writing quirky characters that are all too human. "I'm interested in the kind of relationships people have in real life. So I write about my characters' messy, unpredictable, and inexplicable journeys to love."

Normandie is a shameless basketball mom who lives with a houseful of teenagers, her own personal hero, and a pet pig who's crazy for Red Bull. When she's not writing or cheering for her favorite team, Normandie can be found listening to an audiobook or a podcast. 

To receive email notifications about Normandie's new releases sign up here: or for SMS text alerts - text RACYREADS to 251-300-5441 .

Connect with Author:

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  1. Cool review. Sounds like a hot book. ;)

  2. Ouch Mary! But now if none of the MC works for you it's difficult to rate it higher!

  3. Huh! I actually love Jeremy York as a narrator. I wonder why you disliked the narrators :O

    Great review. If something in a book is salvageable it's the humor :D Glad you had a couple of laughs!

  4. I guess after all is said and done they're both hated by all.


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