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Title: The Black Echo
Author: Michael Connelly
Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Crime
Length: 13 hours 49 minutes (484 pages)
Series: Harry Bosch Book 1
Narrator: Dick Hill
Publisher: Brilliance Audio, Grand Central Publishing
Publication Date: November 25, 2006
Source: Borrowed from the Library
Purchase: Amazon, Book DepositoryAudible

Book Description:

For LAPD homicide cop Harry Bosch -- hero, maverick, nighthawk -- the body in the drainpipe at Mulholland Dam is more than another anonymous statistic. This one is personal.

The dead man, Billy Meadows, was a fellow Vietnam "tunnel rat" who fought side by side with him in a nightmare underground war that brought them to the depths of hell. Now, Bosch is about to relive the horror of Nam. From a dangerous maze of blind alleys to a daring criminal heist beneath the city to the tortuous link that must be uncovered, his survival instincts will once again be tested to their limit.
Joining with an enigmatic and seductive female FBI agent, pitted against enemies inside his own department, Bosch must make the agonizing choice between justice and vengeance, as he tracks down a killer whose true face will shock him.

My Opinion:

Under the high recommendation of my brother, I started this book. I am currently working on the third in the Bosch series. I have to say that I am surprised that I liked it. I am not into detective shows, movies, books or anything of that sort, but I liked Harry. He is a strong character. You find out in the book that he is just as regular and messed up in life as anyone of us, but that doesn't stop him from doing the right thing and not over looking anything in his cases. Really this is what we want in a detective. It makes me feel good about detectives and how they have to look at the small details that we may miss. It gives me faith in the justice system. This could be a good thing.

It starts out with Harry coming to the scene of a body in a pipe. Harry of course is working the case and then he realizes that it's an old army buddy. In this story we get to see how Harry works a case and how his attention to the details pays off. I was intrigued by him and didn't get bored with the storyline. I felt this had a great flow to the story and there wasn't a lot of nonsense throw in at us. Just the facts and finding out what happened and I liked it. No beating around the bush with Harry. Which I loved. I liked that Harry has a bit of a past and that keeps haunting him, This is the first book so they incorporated another story within the story throughout this book. I was totally fine with that. It was to let us know who Harry is, and that he has a past. He remains a bit mysterious and I enjoyed that. I also liked his partner and the way the narrator portrayed them separately. All in all this is a well narrated and written book.

I totally enjoyed the narrator and altho some of it was monotoned to get the voices different, I still enjoyed this tale.

About the Author:
Michael Connelly is the bestselling author of twenty-eight novels and one work of nonfiction. With over sixty million copies of his books sold worldwide and translated into thirty-nine foreign languages, he is one of the most successful writers working today. A former newspaper reporter who worked the crime beat at the Los Angeles Times and the Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel, Connelly has won numerous awards for his journalism and his fiction. His very first novel, The Black Echo, won the prestigious Mystery Writers of America Edgar Award for Best First Novel in 1992. In 2002, Clint Eastwood directed and starred in the movie adaptation of Connelly's 1998 novel, Blood Work. In March 2011, the movie adaptation of his #1 bestselling novel, The Lincoln Lawyer, hit theaters worldwide starring Matthew McConaughey as Mickey Haller. His most recent #1 New York Times bestsellers include The Wrong Side Of Goodbye, The Crossing, The Burning Room, The Gods of Guilt, The Black Box, and The Drop. Michael is the executive producer of BOSCH, an Amazon Studios original drama series based on his bestselling character Harry Bosch, starring Titus Welliver and streaming on Amazon Prime. He is also the executive producer of the documentary film, SOUND OF REDEMPTION: The Frank Morgan Story. He spends his time in California and Florida.

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  1. I love detective mysteries. I am so glad that you enjoyed this one. I may have to give it a try myself. I am always on the hunt for a good audiobook. :)

  2. Wonderful review, Mary! I've always wanted to read this series, I heard so many good things about it.

    PS. I love your new theme. Very cute!

    1. I hope you get the chance. It is a very good series.
      Thanks on the theme! I am still working on it! =)

  3. I've heard that this is a book worth reading and I'll be adding it to my list. Thank you for sharing!

    1. You're welcome! I do hope you get the chance to read it!

  4. thank you for your review. my son likes this author. this is one book he does not have. i will have to get this for him.

    1. I hope you do. The library usually has them all if he's just looking for a fast read of it and not to collect it.

  5. i'll have to check this out, great review

  6. Sounds like a very exciting and intriguing book. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Great review, I need to check but I think I've listened to a later book in this series or at least a book by this author. I would enjoy this.

  8. Thanks for a great review, hoping to read it soon

  9. Yay! I love Connelly's Harry Bosch series!

  10. It sounds interesting, and it gives me hopes for it that you liked it, since you say you don't usually read this genre. It's a good sign!

  11. I love when I series is so well done you enjoy every single book! I wish my brother recommended good books to me! Especially audio books which is the only thing I can do right now No one else in my family reads LOL

  12. This is the type of books I usually like to read. Once in awhile I choose something totally different so I don't get bored.


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