Sunday, April 1, 2018

#Sweet #Sunday #Romance - My #Romantic #Comedy-Once Upon A Time by Mary Kelly Reed #Free on #Amazon!! #kindle #books

Title: My Romantic Comedy-Once Upon A Time
Author: Mary Kelly Reed
Genre: Humor, Romance, Clean
Length: 293 pages
Series: My Romantic Comedy Book 1

Book Description:

Erin simply adores romantic comedies. Whether it be When Harry Met Sally, Two Weeks Notice or Roman Holiday, they all make her dream and believe that everything is possible in life. In order to convince her friends that they are wrong to be cynical, it is decided: She's going to test the scenarios of her favorite romantic comedies in real life. What better way to prove that she's right?
Whether your favorite romantic comedy happens to be Serendipity, You’ve Got Mail, or Down with Love, it’s highly likely that she has tried them out, and that she can inform you about their effectiveness. To begin with, she chooses Clueless, the most timeless of romantic comedies. After all, she could use some good karma, and to find love for her sister or her best friend seems like a good start to her.
Follow her, and who knows—maybe you too, will be inspired to find your own happy ending.

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  1. romantic short humorous maybe what I need now that I'm a mini slump!

  2. This sounds really good, and it is a new one to me too!

  3. How cute! Thanks for sharing about this one, Mary!

  4. Ha, this sounds like fun. I see it is a 3 book series with cliffies.


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