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The Most Special Chosen

This is my stop during the blog tour for The Most Special Chosen by Rachel de la Fuente. This blog tour is organized by Lola's Blog Tours. Read the whole post to discover more about this book, find some links to some character interviews, some video teasers and there are two giveaways! The blog tour runs from 5 till 18 March. See the tour schedule here.

The Most Special ChosenThe Most Special Chosen (Exalted Bloodlines #1)

By Rachel de la Fuente

Genre: Paranormal Drama/ Paranormal Romance

Age category: New Adult/ Adult

Release Date: March 3, 2018


Elysabeth Vance is so determined not to be lost in her obsession that she refuses to see what's right in front of her.
Damien is so afraid of ruining his only chance at happiness that he's blind to Elysabeth's obsession. Once they open their eyes to what they have, nearly incomprehensible secrets will be revealed. After all, fate happens, even if you don't believe in it.
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Chapter 3

Shawn's waiting for me.
"I don't remember you wearing a skirt when you left." His tone is deceptively calm.
"I bought it at the market he took me to. Isn't it cute?" I twirl around, hoping he'll drop
whatever's coming next.
"I bet if you bend over even an inch you'd be showing everyone your butt." His voice is nearly
"Shawn! That's ridiculous!" I scoff. "It's halfway down my thighs. What's gotten into you?"
"You act differently with him, Lys. You..." He motions with his hands, like he's trying to pick the
right word out of the air. "Flaunt yourself."
"Flaunt myself? I don't flaunt myself. I found a skirt I liked, and I bought it."
"Fine, whatever." He turns to walk away, dismissing me, and my legendary temper flares up.
"I'll have you know he was a perfect gentleman!"
He whirls around to face me again, eyes narrowed. "Isn't that how they always start?" he spits
"How dare you, Shawn?" I say, my voice dangerously low. "Damien isn't Zane. He isn't you!"
Calm yourself.
The voice is stronger, clearer even, and it surprises me from my anger.
Despite the hurt that flares in his eyes, Shawn plods along with his argument. "I don't want to
see you hurt, Lys. I think you're putting too much into this far too quickly."
"What's that supposed to mean?" I ask angrily.
"This was only your first date," he responds evenly. "Every other first date you've ever been on
has been short and informal. A couple hours, tops. This time you were gone all day. And look at you!"
His voice rises. "You've never worn anything like this. Let's face it, you're in a revealing interpretation of
a gothic outfit."
My cheeks heat. "Shawn, there's nothing wrong with wearing something different, revealing or
His eyes narrow. "You're right. But this isn't about something different, is it? This is for him." My
entire face heats at being so easily read. "This is just another dip into your obsession, isn't it?" he asks
accusingly, eyes narrowed. "For all your interest in vampires, I've never seen you like this. What's next, a
leather trench coat? I know how much you want one. How about some f —"
"STOP!" I shout, cutting him off. "You promised!"

"I did, but I can see what you're doing, even if you don't. This isn't right. It's not fair to you or
him!" Well, that's surprising, I assumed he hated Damien, maybe I'm wrong.
"I'm not doing anything!" I hate how whiney I sound. "It's not what you think. He's a great guy,
and I really like him. I'm perfectly aware that he's just as human as I am, thank you very much."
"Are you, Lys?" He eyes me over the top of his glasses, one eyebrow raised.
"Yes, of course!"
"So you've kept him out of those vampire fantasies of yours?" His tone is sharp and bites into
me. I look away, unable to answer in the negative. "Just as I thought. If you let this keep going, one of
you will get hurt."
I'm not willing to accept the truth to his words. "Look, this is ridiculous. I love you, Shawn, you're like my

brother, but stop giving me all this crap! I'm going to bed."

Meet the characters!

The author did some character interviews with her characters on her blog, check them out:

- Selene Delanciennes

- Shawn Dooley

- Damien Delanciennes

- Elysabeth Vance

Video Teasers

And check out these two video teasers on YouTube:

- Video teaser #1

- Video teaser #2


1. Me: What is your favorite quote?

I'm not very good at favorites, so I'm probably going to cheat a bit on this list. "Don't cry because it's over, smile because it
happened" from Dr. Seuss has been important to me since my mom passed away. I've done my best to remember, and
be thankful for, all the good times, rather than dwell on having less time with her than I would like.
But I also really like "I will find a way or make one", and "It is a truth universally acknowledged that a zombie in possession
of brains must be in want of more brains," from Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (the book, not the travesty of a movie).

2. Me: If you could only watch one movie forever what would it be?
That's really hard. I'm one of those people who watches movies over and over, sometimes even back-to- back. At the
moment, I have to say Coco. I love that movie. It was amazing to see Mexican culture on the big screen, not because the
movie was about being Mexican, but because the movie happened to be set in Mexico. And the music is just so catchy.
But I'd want to watch it in Spanish instead of English.

3. Me: Favorite book?
That's like asking me to choose a favorite child. Um... Well, I made it through the rest of the questions and still can't pick a
favorite, so I guess I'll go with the ones I've read the most times. Those are Little Women by Louisa May Alcott, Harry
Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, and The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory. And I can't tell you which is the winner
because I've lost count. I've read each of those more than 10 times.

4. Me: What do you like to eat on a rainy day?
Oooh! This one's easy. Ramen. A good bowl of Ramen on a cold rainy day is just fabulous.

5. Me: What animal represents you?
I really, REALLY, want to say a dragon. I love dragons, and I was born in the year of the dragon. But if I'm being honest,
probably a cat.

6. Me: If you weren't writing, what would you be doing?
Cross stitching, playing video games, sewing, pouring resin for fountain pens. Basically all the stuff I'm currently doing (or
have plans to start doing), just no writing. But the thought of not writing is kind of weird. I write a lot, not just stories, but
day to day things. For example, I'm a big fan of to-do lists. I bullet journal, sort of, to keep track of everything.

7. Me: Worst pick up line ever used on you?
I don't recall ever having a pick up line used on me. I found myself in a serious relationship rather young, so I didn't ever
participate in the adult dating scene.

8. Me: Favorite writing spot (with picture).
Would you believe that I don't have one? I don't have any real writing "habits". No favorite drink, or pen, or time of day. I
write whenever and wherever. Although I do prefer to be sitting somewhere somewhat comfortable. But that's not even
really a requirement. I've written things on my phone on the walk to the train before.

9. Me: Some food cravings?
Warm, gooey chocolate cake. Like the one in Matilda. My comfort food (carnitas, buche, and tripas from El Toro market in
Santa Ana, California, USA). Really good fruit; as in vine/tree ripened, picked at peak freshness. Really good cheese. I'm
a foodie, so food cravings happen more frequently that they should.

10. Me: First job?
My first job was awesome. I was a "Student Cage Tech" at my college's equipment cage. I got to check in/out photo and
video equipment to the faculty and student body, and I even got to take some of it home over holidays to "learn more
about it". I had a lot of fun playing with all the cameras, and I met a lot of students and got on good terms with quite a bit
of the staff. With one exception, my co-workers were great. I worked with a bunch of guys, which suited me just fine, since
I've always gotten along better with guys than girls.

Rachel de la FuenteAbout the Author:

Rachel de la Fuente (meaning of the fountain) lives in Maryland with the love of her life and two furry children that meow. The Most Special Chosen is her first novel, but it's hardly her first story. She's been writing since elementary school, and telling stories since she could speak. She is an avid fountain pen enthusiast with a bit of an ink problem, and often writes book notes and sections of stories by hand.

Rachel was born and raised in southern California, but spent many summers with family in Mexico. Her parents loved traveling, so she also spent many vacations in various locations, soaking up foreign cultures and sights. She still loves to travel, and is committed to crossing all of the locations off her bucket list.

Rachel is a proud Slytherin, and when not writing, spends much of her free time reading, cross stitching, and watching documentaries.

You can find and contact Rachel de la Fuente here:

- Website - Facebook  - Twitter  - Goodreads  - Instagram  - YouTube  - Newsletter


There are two giveaways during the blog tour for The Most Special Chosen! One of the giveaways is US Only and the other one is open International.

US Giveaway

One winner wins the following prizes:

• A signed copy of The Most Special Chosen

• An eBook copy of The Most Special Chosen

• A sheet of Exalted Bloodlines series round stickers

• An Exalted Bloodlines logo cutout sticker

• An eBook copy of Elysabeth and Shawn, the Prequel Series

• A bookmark with The Most Special Chosen tagline

For a chance to win, enter the rafflecopter below:

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International Giveaway

One winner wins the following Prizes:

• An eBook copy of The Most Special Chosen

• An eBook copy of Elysabeth and Shawn, the Prequel Series

For a chance to win, enter the rafflecopter below:

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  1. I've never heard of pouring resin for fountain pens - sounds so cool. This is an interesting book, it seems very intense!

  2. A new author for me. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Looks like an interesting book. Good luck on the tour.


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