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#Super #Saturday #BoxSet - The Mokelore Chronicles by Tansy Rayner Roberts!! #Free on #Amazon!! #freebie #SciFi #Fantasy #books #kindle #booklovers

Title: The Mokelore Chronicles
Author: Tansy Rayner Roberts
Genre: Sci-Fi, Fantasy
Length: 1356 pages
Series: Mocklore Chronicles Books 1-4

Book Description:

Three novels, six short stories, all Mocklore!

Exclusive to Amazon Kindle, this all-in-one edition collects the entire Mocklore series to date in one bargain box set.

Kassa Daggersharp has a destiny to fulfil, a pirate ship to find and a world to save.

Sparrow the mercenary walks softly and carries a big sword.

Bounty Fenetre turns her childhood best friend into a hero, and faces off against a sinister magical queen.

Delta Void has a face for every occasion, and problem-solving skills for hire.

The Mocklore Chronicles: an action-packed humorous fantasy series featuring heroes in big boots, magic that's bad for the environment, pirates, witches, mercenaries and flying sheep.

Splashdance Silver 
Liquid Gold
Ink Black Magic
Bounty (a collection including: Hobgoblin Boots, Queen of Courtesans, and all 4 published Delta Void short stories)

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