Monday, July 30, 2018

#Mystery #Monday - Reduced Ransom! by Mike Faricy!! #Free on #Amazon!! #kindle #freebie #books #cozy #booklovers

Title: Reduced Ransom!
Author: Mike Faricy
Genre: Mystery, Cozy, Suspense
Length: 296 pages
Series: Hotshot Book 1

Book Description:

Mickey and Dell, two long suffering halfwits come up with the idea of kidnapping at a bargain basement price. What could possibly go wrong? Well, maybe a victim who doesn't want to be returned, another with a husband who doesn't want her back, one who's tougher than her kidnappers, and another who's entirely the wrong person. Not to mention local thug Huey Evans who is looking to settle a score. Reduced Ransom! Faricy at his hilarious best. Check it out... 

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