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#Mystery #Monday - Wounded Animals by Jim Heskett!! #Free on #Amazon!! #freebie #books #Thriller #Suspense #freebooks #kindle #booklovers

Title: Wounded Animals
Author: Jim Heskett
Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Suspense
Length: 186 pages
Series: Whistleblower

Book Description:

They took his wife. Left a dead man behind. How far will he go to crawl his way back out?

Returning from his last business trip before unemployment, Tucker Candle comes home to a nightmare. His pregnant wife is missing, the house is covered in blood, and there's a dead body in his bathroom. 

This is only the first murder he finds...
The more Tucker searches for his wife, the more people turn up dead. He won't give up, though. Not on his wife, and not on finding whoever is killing all these people. When the only common denominator is his last business trip, Tucker questions just who he was working for. And why exactly a mysterious man he met in a bar, might be his guardian angel... or the devil incarnate.

This book (the first in the Whistleblower Trilogy) is the action-packed chase conspiracy thriller you’ve been looking for. 

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