Wednesday, January 24, 2018

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Title: Lost, Abandoned & Secured by her One-Arm Hero
Author: Faye Sonja
Genre: Western, Romance, Historical Romance

Book Description:

The year is 1871, post-civil war in the American Rocky Mountains, as Isabella - a doctor with a ferocious spirit but a sad past, travels into the wilderness of White Elk to marry a man she has never met, wounded war hero Kit. 
Locals and former-residents whisper about the mysterious town of White Elk that something is wrong with the place. They say the people there are ignorant, that disease is prevalent, that no one can survive there. Wild animals roam, bears and wolves, the terrain is tough, and the men who live there have cut themselves off from society. It seems to some like God has forsaken this wild land. 

One thing they all agree on: It's NO PLACE for a woman. 

Being a strong woman, Isabella is ready to face any challenge. 
She believes God has guided her to White Elk for a reason. 
The people need healing. HER NEW HUSBAND, MOST OF ALL.

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