Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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Title: The Nexis Secret
Author: Barbara Hartzler
Genre: Teen/YA, Paranormal, Romance, 

Book Description:

Lucy McAllen was your typical snarky teen, until she got shipped off to boarding school in New York City. Now she's unraveling a centuries-old mystery hidden behind the scenes. And discovering powers she never knew she had.

Lucy's parents want her to join the elite Nexis Society so she can get into Yale. Lucky for her, the cute Nexis president offers Lucy guaranteed membership. But there's another secret society on campus vying for her allegiance. The Guardians claim Nexis has a bigger agenda than mere Ivy League acceptance. And their leader is just as cute. So why are two rival Romeos fighting for Lucy's heart?

Because she's having strange visions of a paranormal variety. Shadows. Prophetic scenes. Angels of pure light. Not your garden-variety daydreams. Maybe she's the Seer, with a gift both societies have waited 100 years to find. Can a girl who sees the supernatural protect her heart and stop one society's twisted plan?

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