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#Book Review: One Way by @WriterJeffLane #Thriller #Fantasy

Title: One Way
Author: Jeff Lane
Genre: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Thriller
Length: 234 pages
Publisher: Self
Source: Author
Purchase: Amazon

Book Description:
Barry Griffith doesn’t know it yet, but tonight is the night fate has chosen to be the night of his death… his murder. At a gas station in the middle of nowhere, late at night, his wife Jenny appears… no car… no coat and looking older than when he saw her last. That’s because this is not the woman he received a good-bye kiss from this morning. This woman has been a widow for over four years and has made an impossible journey back in time to try to stop her husband’s murder. Will they be able to escape the killers or does fate only have one plan… one possible outcome… ONE WAY?

My Opinion:
I liked this book. I liked that we got into the heart of what happened to Barry and was able to see what the killer/s were doing. I did enjoy the element of time traveling but felt...Well, why wouldn't you prepare - body, mind, heart and soul? I don't know, it left a little bit (for me) to be desired. 
Jenny is going back to help her husband live and you wouldn't get your stuff together to make sure the outcome is different?? That left me feeling this was a bit like a B rated horror film - not that good. I thought it was written well and I liked the premise and all. But there was just some lacking elements. Like when the killer shoots up the cabin..He was only supposed to have two bullets but Jenny gets slammed with round after round? I don't know - it just missed for me. I did enjoy the book tho. I did think it was good. But, it must be said - I have some kindle notes with spelling errors or improper using of words (not that I am an english major) at one location in the book specifically - Location 3025 -where it says she is a tough girl? All I could think about was, REALLY, REALLY?? She drinks herself silly, can't get over the loss of a spouse and doesn't prepare to go back in time to save him and then just does it. OK, tough if that is what you call it. OK. But, even saying these things to myself - I still liked it! 

I give this book 3.5 of 5 stars!
About the Author:
Jeff Lane is the author of the Champion Saga (This Paper World, This Burning World), ONE WAY, and The Three Scrooges as well as various screenplays and short stories. Jeff Lane lives in New Hampshire, USA with his wife and children. A film adaptation of his novel ONE WAY is currently in post-production. He likes to make interesting combinations and arrangement with letters of the alphabet until they make exciting stories appear in your head… and hopefully a smile appear on your face. Did it work?

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  1. Nothing like a good murder mystery to read on a cold winter day. I like playing detective.

  2. More of a thriller than a mystery. Check it out.


  3. this sound really good, love the concept, very 6th sense!

  4. I love murder mysteries and this one sounds pretty good.

  5. A road sign freaks me out, not sure why! Spooky!


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