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#Book Review: Lineage by @AuthorJoeHart #Thriller #Horror #Supernatural

Title: Lineage
Author: Joe Hart
Genre: Horror, Thriller, Paranormal
Length: 350 pages
Publisher: Black Spine Books
Source: Self
Purchase: Amazon, Book Depostiory

Book Description:

Pain, horror, fear- These are the things that bestselling novelist Lance Metzger's life have been comprised of. His childhood remains a riddled wasteland of abuse by a sadistic father and the abandonment of an apathetic mother. In turn, his only refuge became his writing.

When Lance loses his ability to write and becomes haunted by a nightmare that he'd thought was buried, he is drawn inexplicably to a house on the shores of Lake Superior where he finds his muse once again, but something is waiting for him when he arrives.


Now he must unlock the devastating secrets that the house holds and uncover the mystery of his own broken past before he loses his sanity, and perhaps his soul.

My Opinion:
I really enjoyed reading this book. The author took us on a fantastic thrilling tale of what Lance has gone through in his life and what happens when he buys this house. A house that he is drawn to. A house that he can't seem to get out of his mind. This was a well written horror/thriller tale and there is nothing that I love more than that. I found at times, I just didn't want to put this one down. I had to find out what was going on in the house and the author doesn't disappoint. You get to see what Lance's destiny is and why all this happens. This book had so many twists and turns and then the ending was just great! I totally recommend reading this book. It is great!

I give this book 4.5 of 5 stars!

About the Author:
Joe Hart was born and raised in northern Minnesota. Having dedicated himself to writing horror and thriller fiction since the age of nine, he is now the author of eleven novels that include The River Is Dark, Lineage, and The Last Girl. When not writing, he enjoys reading, exercising, exploring the great outdoors, and watching movies with his family. For more information on his upcoming novels and access to his blog, visit

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Disclaimer: I purchased/won this book on my own. No one sponsored or endorsed this post. All opinions are my own. All information on the book or author can be found at the authors website.

Happy Reading!


  1. This is a new author for me. The house on the cover is awesomely spooky. Looking at the library website to see if they have this book!

    1. It was really good! I hope they do. Try it!
      Happy Reading!


  2. This sounds like a book I would enjoy reading. I like the premise of it, and really appreciate it is a 'stand alone' as many now arent. I usually read horror mysteries and in that genre. I have not hear of this author before and have been looking for new ones. I also tend to stick with books written by US authors as the language seems to flow better.

    ellen beck
    tannawings at gmail dot com

    1. I really enjoyed this one. I hope you do try this one. Happy Reading!


  3. This sounds really good. Thanks for the review.

  4. I have never read anything by this author but sounds like a great book. I love a good horror story!

    1. Me too! Horror/Thrillers are always on my first read list! I hope you get a chance to read it.


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